Smoochie Poochie 
208 Gooseneck Hill Road 
Canterbury, CT. 06331
"It's always a great day to smooch your pooch!!!"

Smoochie Poochie offers full service grooming done by professionally trained AKC certified pet stylists.
 We are proud members of the National Dog Grooming Association Of America and work hard to further our education. By doing this, we are able to bring you the very newest trends, purchase top of the line equipment, 
and provide the absolute best experience for the overall grooming process. 


We do not EVER walk away from your animal or leave them unattended. We do not ever hit, hold down, or inhumanely restrain your animal. We do not EVER rush through a grooming to cram in multiple appointments in our schedule. We are NOT the place to go to for "one hour grooming". We care exceptionally about the health, happiness, comfort, and experience of your baby. Rushing forces the dog to be manipulated into uncomfortable positions, can cause injury or pain and discomfort and can most importantly leave your dog terrified to be groomed. 

Our number one job above all else is to provide grooming in such a manner that the dog WANTS and LIKES to be here. We want them to love us and to ENJOY being pampered. We go above and beyond to be caring and compassionate. We will also never put an animal through excessive brushing, excessive standing, or allow a grooming to continue
 if the animal is physically showing signs of stress. 

WE WILL STOP. We will give that animal a chance to rest. This is especially important for geriatric dogs, injured dogs, puppies that are being groomed for the first time, and aggressive animals. 

Crystal specializes in safely handling dogs with difficult temperaments. These animals can be defensive, fearful, aggressive, nervous,  and very challenging to complete because they may have been scared from another grooming experience, not knowing who we are, leaving their parents, etc. In all of our years of operation, we are one of the ONLY facilities around that can say that we have NEVER caused one single injury or had any medical emergencies with an animal while being groomed here. 
This is an outstanding track record, and we firmly believe the reason 
is because we DO put the animal first. We love what we do and it shows. 

No we do not allow pet parents to stay for grooming. This is not a safe procedure, as it puts the dog's attention on their owner rather than on us. No exceptions.