Smoochie Poochie 
21 Putnam Pike Dayville, CT. 06241
"It's always a great day to smooch your pooch!!!"

We proudly offer individual overnight care for your furry family member. Here at Smoochie Poochie we take pride in putting safety first. 

Your furbaby will enjoy private resting quarters featuring:
* 24 hour surveillance 
* climate controlled with heat and air conditioning
* professional epoxy flooring (no cold concrete)
* love songs played on Sirius radio  
* activity options & gourmet goodies
* fenced in yard (6'-8' stockade)
* mood lighting for comfort
* medically certified staff 
* air purification system
* cats are never housed near dogs

We do NOT allow pet parents to 
"tour the facility" while we have
animals here. It is our main
responsibility to protect the 
animals in our care. No one other
than staff is permitted inside 
the boarding suites due to 
insurance purposes. If we 
allowed strangers in there we
could not guarantee your dog's
safety or comfort level. Remember...
not all dogs are friendly. We will not 
make them anxious or fearful while
they are here with us. =) 

Our boarders pay $2.75 per hour for our day camp program so they can play hard and sleep well while they are with us! =) 
We do have specific health requirements that your dog needs to be current on in order to keep our furbabies safe and healthy. Call us for more information!